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Part I – General information

I.              Purpose of the Regulations;

II.             Privacy;

III.            Confidentiality Declaration and protection of intellectual property rights;

IV.            Information supplied by the User;

V.             Access and interferences;

VI.           Miscellaneous

Part II – Access to the catalyst-management.com services

1.             User registration

2.             Enabling of the User to use the services offered by catalyst-management.com

3.             User Code and Password;

         3.1.          Associated rights and duties;

         3.2.          Non-transferability of User Code and Password;

4.             Suspension of Users;

5.             Request for account cancellation by a registered User

6.             Amendment of User data

Part III - catalyst-management.com services

7.             Description of the services offered by catalyst-management.com

         7.1           Publication of sales ads

         7.2           Specific information regarding the products described in the sales ads

         7.3           Negotiations

         7.4           Multiple Buyers

         7.5           Withdrawal from negotiations

8.             Duties of Users during negotiations

9.             Completion of negotiations

10            Positive outcome of negotiations

11.           Duties and warranties of the Buyer and the Seller

12.           Commission on the sale price

         12.1         Exceptions

         12.2         Communication and acceptance of the commission

         12.3         Invoicing

13.           Control of information

14.           Exclusion of liability

Parti IV - Definitions

catalyst-management.com is a Business to Business E-marketplace created to promote commercial interaction between business operators in the petrochemical industry. Within the online platform, businesses (Sellers and buyers) can enter into contracts for the sale and purchase of specific products through negotiation supported by the e-marketer from the start of negotiations until agreement is reached on the conditions of sale. catalyst-management.com is managed by Catalyst Management & Trading S.r.l., with registered office at Via Boccaccio 14, 20123 – Milan, Italy.
Part I – General information

I. Purpose of the Regulations

These Regulations contain a summary of the technical and practical methods for using the services of the catalyst-management.com website, highlighting the most significant aspects of the relationships that Users establish by means of the aforesaid services.

In view of the constant improvement of services and the implementation of new functions, Catalyst Management & Trading S.r.l. reserves the right, at any time, to modify the content, terms and conditions of the services offered by catalyst-management.com, as well as their technical specifications, and consequently the Regulations, where possible giving the User notice of 30 days before the date of the change.

II. Privacy

The data and information supplied by the User are managed in accordance with current legal provisions and the Privacy Rules of catalyst-management.com.

III. Confidentiality Declaration and protection of intellectual property rights

The information contained in this document is confidential to Catalyst Management & Trading S.r.l., which also holds all the respective intellectual property rights.

IV. Information supplied by the User

This is all the information supplied by the User to catalyst-management.com or to other Users at the time of registration, when submitting bids, drawing up ads, sending messages, including on bulletin boards, or otherwise sent by email.

Given that catalyst-management.com is simply a means for communicating the information supplied by the User and has no control over the
truthfulness/accuracy of this information, it cannot guarantee, does not guarantee and cannot therefore be considered in any way responsible for the
truthfulness, accuracy or content of this information

The information supplied by the User (and the goods offered for sale) and the User’s activities on the website are subject to the following rules, i.e. they must not:

a) be false, inaccurate or misleading;
b) be deceitful or unfair or relate to the sale of counterfeit or stolen goods;

c) violate the copyright or intellectual property and industrial rights of third parties, or other rights, such as the right to privacy and the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data;

d) violate legal or regulatory provisions;

e) contain libel, slander, threats or harassment;

f) be obscene or contain pornographic material;

g) contain viruses, Trojans, bugs, time bombs, deletion programs or other programs intended to damage, interfere with, intercept or appropriate operating systems, data or personal information;

h) cause damage of any kind to C.M.&T: S.r.l. or cause an interruption or total or partial suspension of the services of our Sellers of
Internet services or other services;

i) contain direct or indirect links or descriptions of goods or services that are banned under the terms of these Regulations;

Based on the Regulations and the attached General Conditions of Contract, the User agrees to grant catalyst-management.com a non-exclusive, non-territorially limited user licence for the duration of these Regulations and the aforesaid General Conditions of Contract, irrevocable and free of charge, transferable and sub-licensable under the same conditions, using any communication media that is currently known or may be known in the future, to the copyright, other intellectual property rights and image rights of the User in relation to the Information entered by the latter.

catalyst-management.com will furthermore use the information received from Users in compliance with the Privacy Rules.

V. Access and interferences

The website contains automatic registration programs (cookies). The User undertakes not to use software Robots, Spiders or other automatic or manual mechanisms to monitor or copy the catalyst-management.com webpages or their content without the express written permission of to Catalyst Management & Trading S.r.l. S.r.l.

The User undertakes not to use any mechanism, software or procedure that may interfere with correct operation of the catalyst-management.com website.

The User undertakes not to perform any action that may cause an unreasonable overload of activities on the technological infrastructure and system of catalyst-management.com.

Most of the information available on the catalyst-management.com website is updated in real time and granted under licence to catalyst-management.com by our Users or third parties;

The User undertakes not to copy, reproduce, alter, edit or disclose the contents of the catalyst-management.com website without the express written authorisation of the website Administrator or the express consent of the third parties who own the intellectual property rights to such content.

VI. Miscellaneous

a) Continuity of service. catalyst-management.com does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access to the website and its services, which may be affected by unforeseen and unpredictable factors.

b) Validity of the agreement. If a clause in these Regulations and/or the General Conditions of Contract is found to be void and/or unenforceable, any invalidity and/or unenforceability shall not extend to the remaining contractual provisions.

d) Titles of the articles. The titles of the articles of the Regulations and the General Conditions of Contract are merely indicative and in no way limit or describe the meaning and scope of the respective articles.

e) Inertia. The fact that catalyst-management.com may not have acted against the User or any third party in respect of a violation of the undertakings given in the Regulations and/or the aforesaid General Conditions of Contract shall not imply a waiver by Catalyst Management & Trading S.r.l. of the entitlement to exercise such right.

f) Complete agreement or contract. These Regulations, the General Conditions of Contract, the webpages and the Privacy Rules referred to herein, shall constitute the entire agreement/contract with catalyst-management.com.

g) Applicable laws. Specific laws exist in each User’s country regarding what can be sold, exported, bought or imported, or that govern the manner in which certain goods must be registered or the need to obtain certain licences or authorisations from the relevant authorities. Catalyst Management & Trading S.r.l. is physically unable to verify the laws of every country in which the Users are located.

Users of catalyst-management.com shall be the only parties responsible for ensuring that their actions comply with the laws applicable from time to time.
Part II – Access to the catalyst-management.com services

1. User registration

Users who intend to use the services offered by the catalyst-management.com website must perform the registration process on the website, subject to explicit acceptance of the General Conditions of Contract (GCC), these Regulations and the Privacy Rules.

At the time of registration, the User will be asked to enter Required Data and Optional Data. The former are an essential condition for registration.

Registration applications submitted by those who intend to participate in the e-marketplace are assessed by catalyst-management.com, which reserves the right to verify the truthfulness of the data they contain and the corporate entity’s fulfilment of the eligibility criteria imposed by catalyst-management.com.

catalyst-management.com may also ask the User to supplement the information submitted if catalyst-management.com deems this information to be necessary
for the purpose of verifying the User’s suitability to access the e-marketplace.

2. Enabling of the User to use the services offered by catalyst-management.com

Once the verification by catalyst-management.com has been completed, Users who have been enabled to use the services will be sent a notification by e-mail, which will also containing the User id and Password required to access their account.

3. User id and Password

3.1 Associated rights and duties

As the assignee and only person responsible for the User id and the respective Password, the assignee undertakes to store them diligently and keep them confidential.

3.2 Non-transferability of User id and Password

The User id and the corresponding Password are personal and cannot be transferred to third parties, other Users of catalyst-management.com or persons outside the e-marketplace.

catalyst-management.com declines any liability for unauthorised use of the User id and the respective Password.

4. Suspension of Users

In the event of an actual or alleged violation of the procedures set out in these Regulation or in the General Conditions of Contract, and if a User should fail to comply with the duties or obligations arising from its participation in the e-marketplace, catalyst-management.com may, at its sole discretion, decide to suspend the User from using the services, or any part thereof, without this giving rise to any liability of catalyst-management.com towards the Users, and reserving the right in such cases to claim compensation for any further damages.

Notification of the suspension may be sent to the User by email sent to the address given by the latter when registering on the website. The suspension shall be provisional and may be revoked by catalyst-management.com subject to the relevant User being informed in the same way as was used for the initial notification of suspension from the e-marketplace services.

5. Request for account cancellation by a registered User

Any registered User who no longer intends to use the catalyst-management.com services may, at any time and without charge, request the cancellation of its account, sending an appropriate notification by email to catalyst-management.com, which will delete the data contained on the User’s personal page as soon as possible in accordance with current regulations.

6. Amendment of User data

Users who intend to update/amend any of the data supplied at the time of registration, may enter these changes directly on their personal page.
Part III - catalyst-management.com services

7. Description of the services offered by catalyst-management.com

catalyst-management.com is an e-marketplace where businesses (Sellers and buyers) operating in the petrochemical industry can perform transactions
for the sale and purchase of products that are specific to this industrial sector by means of negotiation supported by the catalyst-management.com system.

7.1 Publication of sales ads

In particular, within the e-marketplace, registered Users (Sellers) can post a product or a specific quantity of products for sale, and related information that describe the features of the goods offered.

Following publication, the posted product will be visible to other Users registered with catalyst-management.com. The ads will display a description of the product only, excluding the identity and contact details of the User offering the product.

7.2 Specific information regarding the products described in the sales ads

catalyst-management.com cannot guarantee and does not guarantee and shall not therefore be in any way responsible for the truthfulness and/or accuracy of the information supplied by Users regarding:
a. the quality and actual condition of the products offered, particularly if they are regenerated and/or reactivated;
b. the condition of the packaging
c. the actual performance of the product in the production unit in which the Buyer decides to use it;
d. more generally, all the technical features/specifications of the products transacted.

7.3 Negotiations

Registered Users (potential Buyers) who are interested in purchasing a product on sale can use the functions available to Users to submit a purchase bid or a request of additional information. A notification of this request will be sent by the System to the website administrator, who will forward it by email to the Seller. The latter can accept the bid or submit a counterbid, a notification of which will also be sent via the System to the website administration, who will forward it by email to the potential Buyer.

The Buyer may in turn accept the counterbid or make a new bid, and so on until an agreement is reached on the sale price.

For the entire duration of the negotiation and until its completion, the parties (Seller and Buyer) will remain anonymous.

7.4 Multiple Buyers

If there are multiple Users interested in purchasing the same product, none of them will be able to see the other competitors, the total number of bids submitted or the details of these bids.

7.5 Withdrawal from negotiations

The parties may withdraw from a negotiation at any time, and in any case before a definitive agreement has been reached on the sale price.

8. Duties of Users during negotiations

Buyers and Seleer undertake irrevocably to maintain the bids firm for the minimum period of time required for the System to communicate the bids to the counterpart, and in any case for no less than 10 working days from the date on which the bid is made.

Buyers and Seller undertake to inform catalyst-management.com of any acceptance or counterbid within a maximum of 5 working days from the day of its notification.

If the above period is exceeded, the negotiation will be deemed to have been abandoned.

9. Completion of negotiations

The negotiation is considered to be completed once the Seller and the Buyer have reached a definitive agreement on the sale price. The agreement is considered to have been reached once one of the Parties (Buyer or Seller) has received an email from the Administrator confirming the acceptance of its bid/counter-bid.

10. Positive outcome of negotiations

At the end of the negotiation, and only if the outcome is positive, the Parties will be able to discover their respective identities, sharing their personal, contact and financial details for the purpose of drawing up the contract of sale.

Note in this respect that catalyst-management.com cannot guarantee, and does not guarantee, the identity supplied by its Users and that, therefore, it cannot be considered in any way responsible for any inaccuracy/incorrectness of the identification details supplied by the Parties;

11. Duties and warranties of the Buyer and the Seller
During the negotiations, the Buyer and the Seller undertake to conduct themselves in accordance with the procedures and duties established by the Regulations.

12. Commission on the sale price

catalyst-management.com charges the Seller and the Buyer a commission on the final sale price of the product (expressed as a percentage).

This commission is divided equally between the Seller and the Buyer and can amount to a maximum of 10% for each party.

12.1 Exceptions

catalyst-management.com reserves the right, in the case of transactions of particular commercial significance, to negotiate financial conditions with the Parties that differ from those stated in article 12.

12.2 Communication and acceptance of the commission

In any case, notification of the final value of the commission will be sent by catalyst-management.com to the Parties by email at the end of the negotiation stage prior to the respective identities being revealed.

Acceptance of the value of the commission by the Seller and the Buyer is a necessary pre-condition to catalyst-management.com revealing the identities of the Parties and their contact and financial details.

12.3 Invoicing

After the Seller and the Buyer have been informed of their respective identities, catalyst-management.com will proceed to invoice the amounts for the completed negotiation, regardless of whether the Contract of Sale is eventually signed by the Parties.

13. Control of information

catalyst-management.com has no control over the information supplied by Users via its website. Some of this information may be offensive, injurious to reputation, inaccurate or misleading. Users are therefore urged to use the catalyst-management.com website to carry out transactions with caution and common sense.

14. Exclusion of liability.

Given that catalyst-management.com does not carry out any checks during the final stage of transactions between sellers and buyers, it is hereby stated that:

a. catalyst-management.com shall not be liable under any circumstances for any failure on the part of the Parties that participated in the negotiation to enter into a contract;

b. in the event of disputes between the Parties or with third parties relating to or resulting from the services provided by catalyst-management.com, the User undertakes to exempt Catalyst Management & Trading S.r.l. and its employees, directors, agents and associates from any liability in respect of disputes.any claim and/or demand for compensation for damages of any kind, whether direct or indirect, including damage to their image, that may have been incurred by Users or third parties, including any that may arise from such a disputes.

Parti IV – Definitions

Buyer: shall refer to the User who uses the e-marketplace in order to purchase Goods;

Goods: shall refer to the products that each Seller intends to offer, or that each Buyer intends to buy, by means of the services available on the e-marketplace;

catalyst-management.com: shall refer to the company Catalyst Management & Trading S.r.l., with registered office at Via Boccaccio 14, Milan, Italy, which manages the virtual platform (e-marketer);

User id: shall refer to the personal identity code chosen by each individual who intends to access the services supplied by catalyst-management.com;

General Conditions of Contract (GCC): shall refer to the general conditions that govern the use of the services offered by catalyst-management.com;

Optional Data: shall refer to all the additional or further data that may be entered at the User’s discretion in order to ensure improved personalisation of the functions offered by catalyst-management.com;

Required Data: shall refer to the data (normally highlighted with an asterisk in the respective Registration forms) that each User has to supply during Registration with the e-marketplace in order to access and make use of the catalyst-management.com services;

E-marketplace: shall refer to the virtual community created and managed by catalyst-management.com, within which transactions for goods and services can be carried out electronically between companies;

Seller: shall refer to the User who uses the e-marketplace in order to sell Goods

Parties: shall refer to the registered Users (Buyer and Seller) taking part in a negotiation for the purchase of goods being sold in the e-marketplace;

Password: shall refer to the sequence of characters that each User chooses and uses as an element by means of which the catalyst-management.com system can subsequently check his identity when logging into the System;

Regulations: shall refer to the document which sets out the rules for using the catalyst-management.com services;
Privacy Rules: shall refer to the document which describes the way in which the personal data supplied by Users of the services provided by the catalyst-management.com website are handled;
Services supplied by catalyst-management.com (Services): shall refer to the services available in the
e-marketplace, which Users have chosen to use by completing the registration;
System: shall refer to the technological ie-marketplace;nfrastructure that manages and governs the operation of the e-marketplace.
User: shall refer to the legal entity that uses the catalyst-management.com services in the context of its business activities, which has completed the registration to use the catalyst-management.com services and which acts as a Seller or Buyer in the e-marketplace as appropriate.


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