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"Selective Selling"

Catalyst Management activities, now days, could be quite complex and challenging, especially for large refineries with several different process units that require catalysts or similar material.

Today, Refiners, have to cope with a larger quantity and variety of different materials; they get accumulate into the warehouse and makes more and more difficult and costly to manage the material inventory.


Complex catalyst systems (multi layer loading diagrams), shorter cycles, margin constrains, costs pressure, unused contingency, stringent specification, fast products obsolescence, difficulties to “cascade” catalysts batches reflects in to an increasing amount of material sitting into the refinery warehouse.

Direct consequences are additional capital employed, high inventory costs, disposal cost, storage cost, storage space….in other words…, inefficient inventory management.


CMT offer a new way to approach the problem via “Selective” Selling model.

Selective Selling could help you to clean and optimise your inventory creating value from you unused material and generate cash.


“What has no value for your company could be a valuable product for someone else”


“Selective Buying”  

“Benefit and how it works” 


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